Welcome to The Enchanting World of Colour.

The Colour Cloud is a division of Inscape and is solely dedicated to colour and all its applications. It started from a love and appreciation for colour, which transitioned into a blog, and has morphed into a magazine. I can't believe it!

My fascination with colour started when I was a little girl. My parents bought me this colourful coat they called my, "coat of many colours." I loved wearing it because it made me happy and I felt  like I was wearing some magical cloak.

I'm happy to announce, despite my horribly cuffed pants, and sloppy bangs as a child...my hair and fashion sense has been refined through the years. We all have an embarrassing stage, well, this was mine.

Needless to say, I was the kid that always pushed the limits of colour. From my first room which had 4 different coloured walls, my odd fashion colour combinations, to my always mis-matched socks(before that was a thing)...I've always embraced colour and all the ways it can be used.

As an adult, one of the first projects that reacquainted me with my love for colour, was a conference I branded. I used colour as the driving force to convey the theme and emotion of the conference. This single element had a huge impact on the end goal. That was the moment I realized I was destined to use and share my fascination with colour.

Being the owner of a design business, I work with clients that come to me for brand and website development. In the process of helping them I started to see a need for more colour resources.

I found myself constantly educating my color/branding clients on the following:

  • The importance and potency of color.
  • The psychology behind color.
  • The role color plays in their business.
  • How their current color palette is affecting their business - either good or bad.
  • How to utilize the color palette we create for them.

If my clients were benefiting from my knowledge of color, I knew I could potentially help others as well. That's why I started The Colour Cloud blog - to inspire people with colour, show them practical ways to use color, and give them color palettes that are ready to use for their business, home, and wardrobe.

Colour is more than something pretty to look at - it's in everything we see, touch, feel, taste, and even smell. Colour is more than just psychology or theory, it consumes every detail of our life and enhances our experience of it.

As you look through the first issue and many issues to come, I hope it's an experience you look forward to.

I hope The Colour Cloud becomes a source of inspiration as it applies to your business, your home, or your wardrobe.

If you find a colour you love and put it into action, be sure to tag @thecolourcloud on instagram and use the #EnchantingColours hashtag!


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