Real Life Solutions For The Busy Mom, RN

In short, Mother Nurse Love is a blog for moms who are nurses - but truly, it's so much more than that. That doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the mission behind this blog.

When I first talked with Sarah, I was fascinated to hear the passion behind the purpose of Mother Nurse Love, and saddened to hear what many nurse moms face while balancing work and motherhood. Sarah saw a need within her profession and has become the resource for those who walk the same path. Her goal is to empower nurse moms to put their own mental and physical health first - which, I've heard is difficult to do as a nurse.

When I first launched Inscape Designs - I had dreams about working with clients like Sarah. Her reason for starting this blog has taught me so much about recognizing the needs that surround me on a daily basis and has inspired me to contribute more within my industry and beyond.

Here are just a few pages from her site, but you can check it out for yourself at




ID: What inspired you to start your blog?

MNL: Frustration and burnout as a working mom/RN and a desire to create a more flexible work-life balance.

ID: What is the biggest thing or person that has contributed to your current success?

MNL: Investing in blogging courses:  Building A Framework by Abby Lawson, Nurse Blogging 101 by Brittany Wilson and Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Sukoup.  Also, understanding how Pinterest can bring traffic to my site.

ID: What have you gained or hope to gain from following this passion/dream?

MNL: A creative outlet, to eventually make a full time income that allows me flexibility as a working parent.

ID: What do you wish someone told you when you first started your blog?

MNL: That it is a long-game.  Building an online platform with loyal readers takes a ton of time and energy.  It does not happen overnight.  You need to invest money in order to grow. Also, Google and Pinterest are very fickle and they frequently update their algorithms

ID: Favorite quote/scripture/song that has inspired you during your blogging journey?

MNL: You have to make mistakes in order to learn.