Real Life Solutions For The Busy Mom, RN.


Mother Nurse Love helps RN moms all over the world find solutions to work/life balance. She helps shed light on some of the issues many nurses face on a daily basis while also balancing family life. Her blog serves as a resource for nurse moms wanting insight on heath, nutrition, work/life balance, career, and motherhood.

Inscape Designs Brand Identity for Mother Nurse Love


Sarah felt it was time for a brand refresh and one that reflected more of her personality and vision for the Mother Nurse Love blog. It was imperative that our branding established it is not a medical blog but more of a lifestyle and self-care blog for nurses who are also moms. Our task was to create a feminine and minimal brand that created a sense of trust and comfort.


We used vibrant, feminine colors and excluded reds or any other colors synonymous with the medical industry or medical blogs. We incorporated a stethoscope in a fun way to help connect with its target demographic. Our color palette and logo mark were designed to inspire calm, rest, and encouragement while visiting the blog.

Inscape Designs Brand Design for Mother Nurse Love
Inscape Designs Logo Design for Mother Nurse Love
She picked her head up and the angels cried, "You are going to save lives."
Inscape Designs Brand Positioning for Mother Nurse Love
Brand Identity for Mother Nurse Love created by Inscape Designs

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